Tony Fleming Interview

In 1985, the fashion was turning towards the sleek, Eurostyle type boats which look great at boat shows, but are quite impractical for cruising in the real world. My objective was to build the ultimate cruising/liveaboard yacht for a retired or semi-retired individual or couple with reasonable accommodations for occasional guests. The kind of boat that I would want for myself. The Fleming is a classic low-profile motor yacht with a pilothouse configuration that will never go out of fashion – but it incorporates the latest in features, equipment, and engineering. I chose the pilothouse configuration with split-level access to all areas of the boat and generous, protected side decks as being the most practical and functional arrangement for a boat of this type. Our original objective was, very simply, to build the best coastal and offshore cruising yacht using the experience acquired over many years of building and operating boats. I took a fresh and objective look at every system and every piece of equipment and selected only those which would be the best and the most practical for a boat intended for serious blue-water cruising.

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