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Our Unique Relationship with Fleming Yachts

Chuck Hovey Yachts and Fleming Yachts have a long and celebrated history of working together, going back to the 1960s when each of our founders worked at Grand Banks. Tony Fleming was working on the production and design side, while Chuck Hovey was one of the primary west coast dealers for new Grand Banks Yachts. 


Chuck began working more closely with Tony when he was designing the first fiberglass hulls as a transition out of older wooden-styled yachts. In 1973, Tony invited Chuck down to Hong Kong for a sea trial in an effort to learn more about buyer reactions to the new fiberglass hull of the Grand Banks 36. Chuck, Tony, and Tony’s business partner, Anton, were aboard the new boat when Tony asked for Chuck’s input. Chuck had no idea at the time that the ship had a fiberglass hull, and when Tony told him, Chuck was shocked. The new hull design resulted in a less stiff and much more comfortable ride due to a higher center of gravity.  This design forever changed the course of the yachting industry for the better.


In 1985, Tony began designing the first Fleming yacht, a Fleming 55, and came to Chuck for input. Chuck suggested that a 50-foot model was better suited for local regulations in California.  Tony agreed and adjusted his model to begin building the first-ever Fleming 50. By this time, Chuck had moved on from being a dealer at Hatteras California and started Chuck Hovey Yachts in Newport Beach. Tony approached Chuck to become the first-ever dealer for Fleming Yachts.  Chuck agreed based on the trust they had built throughout their years of working together at Grand Banks.

With the first Fleming 50 under development in Taiwan, Chuck began his search for Fleming Yacht owners in Southern California. Chuck sold the first-ever Fleming to Mr. and Mrs. Fusco, a couple from Santa Barbara looking to upgrade from their 30-foot Grand Banks.  The Fuscos chose Fleming based on their relationship with Chuck, Chuck’s trust in Tony, and his years of experience designing Grand Banks Yachts. 

Hull No.1 arrived at the Chuck Hovey Yachts slips in Newport Beach at 1:30 am in November 1986. By this time, Chuck had already sold two additional Fleming orders to West Coast buyers and helped secure Flemings’ future at the top of the yachting industry. 


In 1993, Chuck approached Tony to see if Fleming Yachts would be able to build a bigger boat for current Fleming owners wanting to move up in size. Tony began drawings for a Fleming 72, but the bigger boat idea did not become a reality until 1997 when Chuck Hovey Yachts organized the very first Fleming Fling.

The Fleming Fling was a Fleming owners’ rendezvous at the brand new marina in Sidney on Vancouver Island. It was attended by the majority of current Fleming owners, Chuck Hovey Yachts employees, and executives from Fleming Yachts. At the meeting, Tony gave a speech to the attending Fleming owners. After his speech, Tony was asked by multiple owners about the possibility of larger models.  By the end of the day, Tony had three different sets of owners wanting to make deposits on a new Fleming 75.  Three days after this, Tony committed to the three-year process of designing and developing the first Fleming 75 models for these owners. This was a massive decision for Fleming and shows how Chuck Hovey Yachts and Fleming have always worked together, listening to customer design feedback and satisfying their every need.  


Today, we continue to relay our customer feedback and hands-on experience back to Fleming, contributing to the continuous refinements enjoyed by Fleming owners worldwide. Nowadays, we commission our new Flemings at any of our three locations. We have display slips and nearby service providers in Newport Beach, San Diego, and Seattle. We can set up, service, and support Fleming Yachts at nearly every cruising location.  

New Flemings are shipped complete from the factory with as many options as possible. This greatly simplifies the commissioning process and decreases the wait time for locally installed options. Some factory-installed options include:

  • Bow and Stern Thrusters
  • Stabilizers
  • Hard Tops
  • Anchor and Chain
  • Power Rotating Dinghy Davit
  • Underwater Lights and Cameras
  • Kelp Cutters
  • Electronics Transducers 
  • Pre-wiring and Pre-plumbing for Audio Visual, Water Makers, and Bait Systems

When your new Fleming arrives, the list of locally installed options is short and normally includes: 

  • Water Maker
  • Dinghy 
  • Audio Visual Packages 
  • Electronics & Navigation Packages 

The new Fleming purchasing process from Chuck Hovey Yachts is simple, easy, and ensures peace of mind for every new owner.